Sowing seeds via technology.
Connecting people to new life.

Touch the Heart. Free the Mind.

GoldenRipe builds mobile and web apps for people to exchange questions, answers, and comments about faith, life, and afterlife. Through this exchange, we are forming a multi-lingual, community-driven knowledge base and sparking conversations among believers and non-believers of all creeds.

A New Start.

We’re launching into 2015 with a new mobile and web app—the HeartTouch project. Now in development, HeartTouch will bring believers and non-believers into dialogue through a multi-lingual, community-driven question and answer forum. The initial content will focus dialogue toward life and afterlife topics such as peace, worship, love, holiness, the source of sin, sacrifice, assurance, and more.

Core Features

The HeartTouch experience will be available as mobile and web apps on all major platforms and devices—smartphones, tablets, and personal computers.


Users provide questions that engages answer and comment dialogues with each other.

Deep discussions

Key users provide questions and answers to influence community dialogue toward life and afterlife.

Any language

Integrated translation support to and from any language for all questions and Accepted Answers.

New relationships

Opportunities for seekers to connect with disciplers and keep the dialogue going.

We’re working on it.

HeartTouch is not yet available, but it will be soon. Keep checking back, or click the button below to be notified when we launch.

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