December update:

One of the Phase 1 findings is that ratings of the “The Way” app on Google Play are very negative from some Muslims who were offended by the side-by-side comparison of Qur’an and Bible portions in a question & answer format. (This comparison is the same topics and content also available in the Web App at this Web site.) The comparison was from people with extensive interaction of individuals and groups while living 20 years in a Muslim country. In Phase 2 we will include a Perspectives introduction and revise the content as appropriate.

The Phase 2 theme is “Touch the Heart, Free the Mind”. It is an app based dialogue approach focusing on conversational questions and answers regarding life here on earth and eternal life with God. Greater understanding of perspectives from Muslim life and from Christian life should reduce misconceptions and increase the number of locations where living side-by-side occurs in peace and equality. Some will choose the eternal life guaranteed by Jesus Christ (Isa al-Masih)when they turn to God. Some will not make this choice. But at least the choice will be clearly understood together with gifts of peace, love and joy when actions of compassion and love are present during times of difficulty and suffering.

Information point: The current version of “The Way” was provided three Android releases ago and continues to run fine per recent check on Android 4.4.

November update:

Phase 1 (2011-2013) of GoldenRipe has brought interesting observations that are directing Phase 2 of GoldenRipe.

The observations start with Android downloads of “The Way” peaking at 1,600 in 2013 which is 20% of the total number of downloads. (20% retention is good.) Downloads were mostly performed by Muslims based on Google Play report of other apps normally downloaded by those who downloaded “The Way”. The 1,600 quantity occurred with no marketing except for an email blast in 2011 and one informal partnership with a media organization in 2013. Visits to this GoldenRipe Web site were regularly above 100 during the partnership time.

In Phase 2, GoldenRipe is committed to providing content that focuses on Touching the Heart. (More on this later.) And a new technology platform will be used for providing this content on mobile devices and on this Web site.

Time to turn this hobby into a serious tool that engages both the heart and the mind. Our prayer is for the certain hope and peace from Isa al Masih to be discussed as God guides individuals, families and communities to consider the straight path. This path starts with restoration in this life and ends with the certainty of eternal life from Isa al Masih.