August update: Getting back in motion

So, what about that iOS version for iPhone?

Yes that is a common question. The answer is that it exists and will be submitted to the App Store in 4Q2012 after a couple tweaks. The delay is my almost constant 55-65 hour work weeks in engineering land since September 2011. Now I’m back to the almost unheard of 40 hour work week as of Aug 14. I will be addressing NPO business issues so that The Way is presented by GoldenRipe NPO on the App Store.

It has been a joy to communicate with some of you who are now visiting GoldenRipe. You who are looking for the iPhone version have been patient. (Feeling eternally patient, maybe? :-) )

Note: the content for The Way on iPhone and Android is present on this Web site. (Click “The Way” in the upper right corner.)

February update: Indonesian language support, iOS release on the horizon

We have great news for our friends whose first language is not English—The Way has officially acquired support for multiple languages! The first language we have added is Indonesian, which we hope will add to the dozens of people already using The Way in Indonesia. Thank you all for making this possible! Please continue to give us feedback so that we can clearly and accurately connect with others in religious dialogue.

To make The Way even more accessible to non-English users, we need the help translators. If you are interested in helping us translate The Way into your native language, please email us at

Finally, after much anticipation, The Way is coming to iOS. We are pushing it through the final stages of production and getting it ready for the last round of testing and review. We are pleased to announce that not only will the iOS version of The Way have all the features of the Android version, it will also introduce several new features. Look for the release on both platforms in the coming weeks.